The glue that makes our place work is of course the people and their talents.

Meet the resident team:
Patrick Hamilton
Guy Balbaert
Joris Devos
Vincent Pierins
Roel Demeulemeester
Andy Sergeant
Martijn Bal
Lee Bennett
Gary Miller
Jutta Borms

Producer/Songwriter/Arranger/Keyboard player and Director of The Globe and BROMO Music Publishing*.

Patrick Hamilton is a veteran in the music industry. He’s also the master of ceremony at The Globe Recording Studios and owner of BROMO Music Publishing*.
Son of two musicians, it’s no surprise he became one as well. Classically trained, he started his career as a session player with many leading Belgian artists.
In the late eighties he moved to work more and more as a producer-engineer. After many hits he started his own studio ‘The Roof’ in ‘94. His work was mainly focussed on Belgian and Dutch artists/television programs and musicals.
In 2002 he founded ‘The Globe’ studio complex.
The quality of his work as producer and songwriter has allowed him to work with an international roster of artists.
Writer of multiple #1 singles and gold & platinum albums he focussed his attention on broad productions that leverage his arranging skills to the max.  

*Bromo Music Publishing is the publishing department of The Globe music company.  

Producer work:
Katherine Jenkins (UK), David Garrett (Germany), Alfie Boe (UK), Mark Masri (Canada), Yannick Bovy (Belgium),  Richard Clayderman (France), Barry Mason (UK), Girls Generation (Japan), Andrei Lugovski (Belgium), McPeake (Ireland), Liz Rodrigues (Canada), Nadine (South-Africa), Sofia Anessiadis (Belgium), Monday Justice (USA), Willy Sommers (Belgium), La Sakhra (Belgium), The Sunsets (Belgium), Laura Lynn (Belgium), Marisa (Spain), David van Dyck (Belgium), Bart Kaëll (Belgium),  Johnny Logan (Ireland), and many more...

Vincent Degiorgio (Canada) , Mats ‘MP’Persson (Swe), James Bryan (Canada), Paul Herman (UK), Marco Marinangelli (USA), Bryan Todd (USA), Vincent Pierins (B), Lee Bennett (UK), Matt Tishler (Canada), Gary Miller (USA), Ellen Foley (USA), Michael Garvin (USA), Andrew Fromm (USA), Ian Mack (UK), Adam Crossley (Canada), Aileen de la Cruz (Canada), Maria Marcus (Swe), Niclas Lundin (Swe), Her0ism (Japan), Daichi (Japan), Erik Nyholm (Finland), Andrea Bonomo (Italy), Shusui (Japan), Kit Hain (USA), Kanata Okajima (Japan), Albi Albertsson (Germany), Caroline Gustavsson (Swe), and many more... 

Songwriting work:
Girls Generation (Japan), Katherine Jenkins (UK-USA), Happiness (Japan), Connell Cruise (South-Africa), Mark Masri (Canada), Yannick Bovy (B), Jacob Sveistrup (Denmark), Gabe Moretti (B), Antje Monteiro (NL, Bart Herman (B), Rola (Japan), Sandra Kim (B), La Sakhra (B), Barry Mason (UK), Ingeborg (B), Willy Sommers (B), Monday Justice (USA), Sofia Anessiadis (B),Chaira Borderslee (NL), Jenny Langlo (Norway), Fran Dieli (Spain), Kabouter Plop (Belgium), Bart Kaëll (Belgium), Udo (Belgium), Lesyah (Australia), Show Lo (Taiwan), Coco Lee (Taiwan), Bai Jing (China), Heuning (South-Africa), and many more...